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                  HubSpot Service Onboarding Plan

                  Transform Customer Service Using HubSpot

                  Receive technical and strategic guidance on setting up and using Service Hub to support your goals

                  Prioritize customer service

                  Optimize customer experience with innovative solutions from HubSpot

                  During onboarding, you’ll work with your own dedicated HubSpot consultant to build a roadmap to accomplish both your immediate and long-term customer service goals.

                  Your HubSpot expert will act as a project manager to hold your team accountable to achieving your objectives and offer best practices to help your team grow better with HubSpot.


                  Transform your business with HubSpot

                  Streamline sales, marketing and customer service by leveraging all of the hubs within one seamless platform.

                  CRM & Sales Hub

                  Your sales process in one place

                  Sales Hub supercharges your sales process and eliminates friction by bringing all your tools and data together on one easy-to-use, powerful CRM platform your whole team loves.

                  Marketing Hub

                  All your marketing tools and data under one roof

                  With Marketing Hub, all your marketing tools and data are on one platform, saving time to personalize experience that attracts and converts the right customers.


                  Service Hub Onboarding Plan

                  Phase 1: Getting Started

                  Account and Technical Setup


                  To set you up for service success, we’ll start your journey on understanding the fundamentals of HubSpot. By understanding both the foundation and how the tools work together, you can get the most value out of HubSpot's broad tool collection in order to perfect the way you provide your customers with exceptional service

                  Along with helping you understand the HubSpot fundamentals, we’ll guide you with setup tasks including: 
                  • Add your team member as users

                  • Install HubSpot tracking code on your website

                  • Connect your shared teams email addresses to conversations 

                  • Connect or add a subdomain for your knowledge base

                  • Edit and embed the support form on your website

                  • Import contacts and/or tickets into HubSpot

                  • Configure your notification preferences

                  • Create a form to collect incoming tickets from customers

                  952-business-network-outlinePhase 2: Delight 

                  Delight Customers with Effective Tools

                  What we’ll cover: 
                  • How are you collecting customer support issues/tickets?

                  • How do you currently ensure tickets do not fall through the cracks?

                  • Do you have any other processes you are looking to manage through tickets?

                  • Are there other teams who will be using tickets? Should they use the same pipeline or would they benefit from having their own?

                  What we’ll guide you on:
                  • Set up an automatic ticket assignments

                  • Set up workflows to update ticket properties, move tickets to a new stage, and create tasks for the ticket’s owner

                  • Create pipelines to manage different functions based on your service

                  • Optimize service pipelines and stages to your team’s processes

                  1025-request-support-service-outlinePhase 3: Customer Service Tools

                  Help Customers Help Themselves

                  What we’ll cover: 
                  • Do you currently have a knowledge base?

                  • How do your customers find answers to their questions?

                  • How long on average are your customers waiting to hear back from you? 

                  • Do your support and sales teams tend to answer similar questions over and over?

                  • Does your knowledge base need to support multiple products, services, topics, or segments of your customers?
                  What we’ll guide you on:
                  • Import or create your knowledge base

                  • Design your knowledge base for Google optimization and customer satisfaction

                  • Develop easily accessible categories and subcategories in your knowledge base 

                  • Collect and implement feedback  to improve customer experience

                  • Add your knowledge base to optimal locations on your website and customer communications

                  • Add videos to your knowledge base to give customers a visual walkthrough

                  163-graph-line-chart-outline (1)Phase 4: Focus on Service

                  Measure and Improve Customer Experience

                  What we’ll cover: 
                  • How often do you collect feedback from your customers?

                  • If you don’t collect feedback, why not?

                  • Do your customers ever leave reviews about you online? Do you know how reviews contribute to your company’s perception online? 

                  • How do you know if your customers are happy/unhappy? 

                  What we’ll guide you on:
                  • Create customer loyalty surveys (NPS) to understand how people feel about your company

                  • Send customer effort surveys (CES) automatically whenever a ticket is closed

                  • Create workflow triggers to send customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT)

                  • Set up automation that reaches out if someone is unhappy, or ask for a review from someone who is happy

                  • Use CSAT surveys in marketing and/or sales process

                  2331-first-movers-outlinePhase 5: Offboarding

                  Complete Onboarding and Transition

                  As we approach the completion of your onboarding, we'll work with you to determine what your next goals will be after onboarding. You’ll be transitioned to a Vested customer success owner who will be there to ensure you’re thriving in HubSpot.

                  If you’re looking for more hands-on strategic or technical consulting help after onboarding, you can check out our Additional Services:

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