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    Who We Are & What We Do

    At Vested Marketing, we pride ourselves in helping our clients level-up their business by increasing revenue through inbound marketing, SEO, website development and more!

    We effectively promote and grow companies in a wide variety of industries, including the manufacturing, medical, engineering, and oil and gas fields.

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    Crypto & NFT

    Crypto is an exciting new way to invest in the future of money.

    People are beginning to realize how lucrative and profitable they can be for those who invest early enough.

    While cryptocurrencies are a hot topic, attract customers with a website using HubSpot CMS to create valuable content and experiences for your customers.

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    Crypto | Vested


    In order to minimize the negative environmental, social and economic impacts associated with mining and processing activities, sustainable mining is more important than ever, especially in the lithium mining industry.

    The growing demand-supply gap in the electricity sector has led to an increase in demand for clean energy.

    With an effective Inbound Marketing strategy, provide valuable content and education to become the voice of authority of an upward trending market.

    Mining | Vested Marketing

    Oil & Gas

    Due to generational relationships, marketing your services and products to the oil and gas industry once needed little effort.

    Engineering companies must find a way to tell their unique story while also exhibiting how your products or services can solve your customers’ most pressing problems.

    By strategically aligning with your sales team and business development efforts, get more qualified leads that are not contingent on the oil and gas market fluctuation.

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    Oil and Gas | Vested

    Technology & Automation

    Are you a leader in the advanced technology space?

    Unlike data in an earlier era, data today can be analyzed in real-time and allows companies to make data-driven decisions that will directly impact the bottom line.

    Business intelligence, Industry 4.0, and data management are commonly recognized as key pillars to advanced technology in addition to modern software such as Power BI and SmartHub.

    We can help assist your company get the right messaging across with providing educational sales resources to your prospects.

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    Technology | Vested


    Engineering firms offer mechanical engineering, civil engineering, drafting, and design solutions for projects which require successful execution.

    With a strategy in place, build brand awareness of the value and differentiators your company brings to the table, ultimately increasing revenue for your business.

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    Engineering | Vested


    In the construction and dirt construction industry, it is not just the materials used to build a home that are important.

    Communities all over the world find themselves battling catastrophe and the immediate needs of those affected by unforeseen events.

    With the HubSpot CRM, you can gain visibility, targeted leads that are interested in your services and turn them into paying customers.

    Construction | Vested


    While it's a no-brainer to see that medical advancements haven't been slowing down, the question is where will they go next?

    Specialty pharmacies and IV infusions are a few of the new, revolutionary ways that healthcare is changing. 

    By providing educational content and insights to your prospects through relevant articles, pave the way for your industry by building your brand's reputation and credibility.

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    Healthcare | Vested

    Industrial & Manufacturing

    Industrial and manufacturing companies are in the businesses of producing new products for public consumption as well as industrial safety equipment (such as fire safety products).

    Modern companies are moving more towards a green-oriented approach when producing electronics, tools for water conservation and devices like centrifuges in order to minimize risk and waste generation.

    We help your business create relevant conversations via email marketing, lead magnets, chatbots, and forms to properly convert leads and reach your company's full potential.

    Industrial & Manufacturing | Vested

    We help maximize your business growth.

    As HubSpot gurus, we work with your business to develop a website, target potential customers using inbound marking, and make sure you have the right brand presence.

    Our team of marketers, engineers and designers are dedicated to providing the solutions to your problems.

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