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                ADA Compliance Services

                Unlock universal accessibility for your website

                Harness AI-powered tools and expertise to make your digital presence inclusive and compliant.


                Get Started!

                Why leave anyone behind? Make your site ADA compliant!

                Don’t let technicalities stand in your way.

                Every visitor matters, and in a digital world, ensuring equal access is not just a legal requirement but a moral imperative. By integrating a accessiBe's web accessibility widget, driven by advanced AI technology, you can be confident that your website is navigable and user-friendly for those with disabilities.

                By embracing ADA Compliance, you're not just obeying the law—you're sending a strong message of inclusion.

                Laptop and phone displaying accessibility adjustments widget

                Revel in the benefits of accessiBe

                ADA + WCAG compliant

                Dive into the gold standard of web accessibility. Ensure your site adheres to both ADA and WCAG guidelines. Because excellence is not a mere option—it's a necessity.

                Free audit tool

                Why guess when you can know? The complementary audit tool offers a deep dive into your site's current accessibility status. Get insights, not uncertainties.

                Legal support package included

                Sleep easy, knowing you've got legal backing. With accessiBe’s comprehensive legal support package, you’re not just covered—you’re cocooned in confidence.

                Tax credit available

                Compliance that pays! Benefit from available tax credits as you enhance website accessibility. 

                What is web accessibility?

                Learn more about ADA compliance and how to make sure your website is accessible for those with disabilities in our blog! 

                More about ADA & WCAG

                Mold accessiBe’s widget to reflect your unique brand.

                Just like your brand, your widget shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. Craft the look and feel of your widget so it's in perfect harmony with your site’s design. Seamless and stylish - that’s how accessibility should be.

                Customization of accessiBe accessWidget

                From audit to activation, we’ve got you covered.

                At Vested Marketing, we pride ourselves on being more than just a service provider. We're your allies in ensuring web accessibility.

                From the moment you opt for that initial audit to the day your widget goes live, consider us your go-to for all things ADA compliance. Together, we're making the digital web a space for everyone.

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                Woman with two thumbs up

                Ready to make your website ADA compliant?

                Request your free compliance audit now and embrace a world without digital boundaries!

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