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                Vidyard Customization Services

                Give your Vidyard pages a custom look

                Designed to help your Vidyard pages look crisp and clean.


                Get started!

                Looking to customize your Vidyard Hub pages?

                We know you are busy running your business.

                Give your videos – and your audience – the home they deserve. Similar to a YouTube channel, a Vidyard Video Hub showcases all your videos. But even better, your channel is organized, branded, and distraction-free to keep your audience engaged – and returning.

                Let us take care of customizing your Video Hub page for you so you can focus on what you do best.


                Our Vidyard Services

                Design your hub with HTML and CSS

                Modify your Hub's header/footer and styling colors to achieve a clean look by  customizing the design of your hub with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

                Choose the layout of your pages

                Layouts determine how videos are organized on the various pages —whether that's the main landing page, a category of videos, or search results. .

                Add branded elements to your pages

                Update your page(s) to match your company's brand by adding your logo and page's favicon along with your social channels.

                Set up a domain for your hub

                Configure your Vidyard page addresses to match your domain name to increase your domain traffic - and maximize SEO.

                Design your branded sharing page

                A sharing page allows you to deliver videos to your audience on a dedicated, branded, and distraction-free page.

                Using the sharing page design options in Vidyard, we can adjust the style and color of the page, including the header and footer, to create a unique viewing experience.


                With Vested Marketing, you’ll have a partner who can give you the confidence and support you need.

                Showcase a collection of videos in a set of branded, distraction-free webpages.

                Let us help you customize your hub design options in Vidyard, adjust the layout, style, and overall experience of your hub.

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                Vested is Your Vidyard Partner

                Contact us today to learn more about how we can help customize your Vidyard Hub page!  

                Get started!