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                  At Vested Marketing, we're a lean and mean team ready to tackle any project that supports revenue generation and satisfaction for our clients in a variety of B2B and B2C industries, including oil and gas, technology, engineering, construction, healthcare and more!

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                  Build or optimize websites using HubSpot's CMS and CLEAN theme 


                  SEO Auditing & Optimization 

                  Rank on Google by through SEO strategy consulting, SEO audits, and website optimization 

                  Graphic Design Services

                  Promote brand assets that professionally represent company's mission and values

                  HubSpot Onboarding

                  Transition data and workflows to Hubspot rapidly and seamlessly

                  Hubspot Training

                  Properly leverage HubSpot's platform efficiently and effectively 

                  Inbound Marketing

                  Grow using full-scale digital strategy and execution for HubSpot-optimized inbound campaigns

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                     We're responsive AF (Always & Forever).
                     If there's no way, we engineer one.
                     We adapt, overcome, and optimize.
                     We network to get work.


                  Vested Marketing Careers

                  Directly from our blog

                  Latest updates and insights on inbound marketing, marketing strategies and digital marketing insights that will help company growth.
                  4 min read

                  Exploring the Power of AI Content Generators: ChatGPT, Jasper & HubSpot

                  AI (artificial intelligence) content generators have emerged as a game-changer in the rapidly evolving world of digital...

                  2 min read

                  Is ADA Compliance Mandatory for Websites?

                  In today's digital age, ensuring accessibility for all is not only a moral responsibility but also a legal obligation....

                  4 min read

                  What is ADA Compliance and How Does it Affect Your Website?

                  Is your website accessible and inclusive? How can you tell? Making sure your website is accessible for those with a...

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