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              Oil and Gas Marketing

              Sustainable solutions for lead acquisition in the oil and gas industry


              How Vested makes a difference

              Brand Reputation 

              Uphold brand professionalism with digital assets that accurately represent your standard and solutions, whether it's product catalogs, website infrastructure, cutsheets or more!

              Sales Support

              Assist your sales team with value-add resources they can leverage for their boots-on-the-ground strategy, including tools such as HubSpot's CRM, industry talk news content, and collateral. 

              Lead Acquisition 

              Position your company as the leading authority in the Oil and Gas industry by optimizing your website for search engines to easily find and rank, providing more qualified leads for your sales team to nurture. 

              Oil and gas industry case studies

              Take advantage of our resource center to see how inbound marketing is shifting the oil and gas industry, enabling companies to grow!

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              Keystone Energy Tools Thermaldyne 12Eleven Superior Performance US Aqua PESLogo burner fire controls Sharp Iron nevatio Stonewall Ventures

              Latest oil and gas news

              4 min read

              Vested Helps Keystone Energy Tools Rank #1 on Google

              One of Vested's first clients, Keystone Energy...

              3 min read

              OPEC: Unprecedented Oil Pact Finalized by Allies

              Sources Say Oil Pact Finalized as OPEC Allies...

              9 min read

              Our neighbor's in the Oil and Gas Business respond to COVID-19!

              From sanitizing services to crisis communication...

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              We help you get more qualified leads that are not contingent to the oil and gas market fluctuation.

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