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                8 min read

                5 Tips for How to Market Your Engineering Firm

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                Are you looking to grow your engineering firm? As engineers ourselves, we understand the unique process to strategically market your engineering firm to increase leads and win more projects. Learn more about how we recommend leveling up!   

                Increase Revenue for your Engineering Firm

                Engineering firms provide professional services and unconventional problem-solving for a range of industries including mechanical engineering, civil engineering, drafting, and design and industrial product design.

                That being said, it's clear the necessity of engineers is vital, and yet how do you create awareness of your company?

                We cover 5 tips to strategically approach marketing to see a valuable ROI!
                1. Know Your Objective and Goals 
                2. Identify Opportunities 
                3. Support Sales with Resources 
                4. Invest in Website Development 
                5. Capitalize on Inbound Marketing & SEO

                If you want to see a real-life example of how this has been successful done before, download our PES Case Study!

                Ranking Success Case Study | PES | Vested

                1. Know Your Objective and Goals

                At the end of the day, every business tactic should relate to the bottom line - revenue. But in order to increase revenue, there has to be more specific objectives defined to build an effective business development, sales, and marketing strategy

                Understand current state of business development.

                Mapping out a high level picture of how your company is currently tackling business development helps you notice trends and identify gaps. This will help fuel creating a more effective marketing strategy.

                Define KPIs that are clear, realistic, and measurable. 

                KPIs can be a very useful tool in understanding the health and growth of your engineering company. For business owners, knowing the right KPIs can give you an accurate picture of where your company is going and can help you know what to do to control your future.

                As engineers, tracking metrics and analyzing performance is already very habitual practice. When evaluating objectives, take the same level of thoroughness applied IN the business to ON the business.

                2. Identify Opportunities  

                Whether you're maximizing current relationships or expanding brand reach to new territory, begin identifying where your opportunities are coming from and where you want them to stream in.

                With engineering firms, increasing revenue most often comes through existing connections and leveraging a referral network. As such, you can capitalize on this approach while also setting yourself up for sustainable, long-term success to acquire inbound leads.  

                Ask yourself these questions: 

                3. Support Sales with Resources 

                As you compile your responses above, develop valuable resources that align with your opportunities for your sales team to utilize, such as brochures, white papers, and case studies.

                Three ways resources can help include: 

                • Establish your firm as credible and the leading authority in engineering
                • Position you as the guide and your client as the hero within the "client journey" (essentially making yourself necessary for them to accomplish their goal)
                • Increase the number of views on your website to help with impressions (which ultimately helps increase your google ranking).

                4. Invest in Website Development

                So speaking of website views, let's talk website development. There's two primary purposes that every effective website should aim for: 

                1. Your website is the digital face of your engineering firm. It reflects who you are, what you're capable of, and the quality of work clients could expect to receive.
                2. Additionally, your website is your digital fingerprint on Google's radar that will be the central hub for all marketing strategy to help you rank on search engines.  

                So, how can you know if you're meeting the above goals? Audit your website for free by clicking below!

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                5. Capitalize on Inbound Marketing & SEO 

                And we're not just saying that because it's what we do day-in and day-out. We recommend Inbound Marketing and Search Engine Optimization because it works.

                Inbound Marketing tactics, including SEO, are a more sustainable approach to effective lead generation. Essentially, prospects are out there looking for solutions, and you're positioning your engineering business as the solution

                Essentially,  your inbound marketing strategy is the thread that weaves together all your business development efforts to maximize your ROI

                Learn more about the value of Inbound Marketing here

                Interested in learning more? 

                As a HubSpot Diamond Level Solutions Partner, Vested has helped businesses of all shapes and sizes to achieve their goals and convert more leads into customers using the power of Inbound Marketing.

                The best part is that there are no limits or boundaries on what type of industry can benefit from an inbound strategy. Which industry do you operate within? Let us know, we would love to help your business grow!

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                About Vested Marketing

                Vested Marketing | Lafayette LAAs a certified HubSpot Partner Agency, we not only understand the benefits of using the inbound marketing platform to increase traffic and engagement, improve SEO, generate leads, design effective websites and boost sales, we know how to make it happen.

                We are inbound marketing experts, SEO gurus and top-notch website developers.

                Our team of Engineers Turned Marketers can help get you noticed - for a more innovative and effective way to reach customers, or provide a more seamless way for companies to find your services. Inbound Marketing has no limit to industry, serving from Crypto & NFT, mining, oil and gas, technology & automation, engineering, technology, construction, healthcare, to industrial & manufacturing.

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