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        3 min read

        Inbound Marketing with HubSpot Software Seminar

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        Are you a business-owner, ready for your "simply surviving" business to start thriving?

        Or, for your thriving business to start scaling to new heights? 

        Then it’s time to learn the ins-and-outs of Hubspot!

        And, how to utilize Hubspot Software within Inbound Marketing. 

        Join Us!

        Join us for an enjoyable, engaging day led by one of Acadiana’s most inspiring entrepreneurs,  Blaine LaFleur, Certified Hubspot Trainer.

         Blaine will show small businesses how to: 

        • Utilize Hubspot software as a marketing and sales tool
        • Engage your target market
        • Convert your target market into sales leads

        When and Where?

        October 30th, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.,

        LITE Center
        Executive Conference Room 
        537 Cajundome Blvd., Suite 236
        Lafayette, Louisiana 70506

        Where do I sign up?

        Visit the The Louisiana Small Business Development Center page.

        Sign Up Here!


        What Is the Cost of this Seminar? 

        Hope you're sitting down for this one: only $25.00.

        Yes, you read that correctly!

        Sign up soon to secure your seating!

        How Will this Seminar Empower Your Business? 

        This seminar empowers your business by introducing you to Hubspot, a cloud-based software platform, which aides every marketing strategy within your company, including:

        •  Launching and controlling your marketing efforts
        •  Managing sales processes
        •  Supporting the ongoing needs of your customer base

        What Will Seminar Include?

        This seminar includes:

        • Overview of HubSpot
        • HubSpot’s tools explained with real-life examples of their applications
        • Real-life cases and problem resolution 
        • Individual time with each business owner in attendance
        • Assistance with HubSpot set up and application specific to their industry 
        • A delicious lunch

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