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        7 min read

        4 Essential Aspects of An Effective Oil and Gas Marketing Strategy

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        The biggest question continues to be: How do I effectively market my services and products to the oil and gas industry.

        Below, we dive further into the 4 essential aspects of an effective reach to your potential perfect buyers.

        A topic and space that once needed very little marketing efforts due to generational relationships has come to understand how vital new age, inbound marketing can be for the oil and gas industry.

        Engineering companies must find a way to tell their unique story while also exhibiting how your products or services can solve your current, or soon to be, customers’ most pressing problems.

        A recent article published by Digital Strategy, lined out what it takes to effectively market to the manufacturing sector.

        They nailed numerous important topics for this unique space.

        But most of our southern businesses are interested in learning more about how to reach their ideal customers in the oil and gas space.

        Here, we are going to discuss the four essential aspects of an effective oil and gas marketing strategy.

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        1. Social Media

        Not sure we can even discuss marketing in 2020 without mentioning social media - and yes LinkedIn too! (especially in the oil and gas industry)

        In order to reach customers these days, you need to have a presence where they spend most of their time.

        But this goes beyond traditional “advertising”.

        Customers Want To See What Your Company Is Up To

        Customers want to see faces of all those involved in the day to day.

        This brings a sense of realness to the company. It shows the viewers that real people are doing big things at your organization.

        Social media is a great opportunity for companies to exude their purpose and connect with existing and potential customers.

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        2. Blogging and Videos

        Customers currently have access to information about any topic that they can think of or want to learn more about.

        So, what do they do with those questions that come to mind? 

        They Google Them!

        Given the latest algorithms that most search engines are applying today, blogging provides and excellent opportunity for business owners to write their expertise on the topics that potential customers are searching for.

        Here is an example of a real life situation.

        Say you were recently told that you have high blood pressure by your physician and you aren’t quite ready to start taking medication. 

        So, you google: "natural ways to lower high blood pressure”.

        If a local organization has written a blog about natural ways to lower high blood pressure, Google is going to present this article on that first page of the search engine results because they want their customers to find exactly what they are looking for.

        If you read this article and obtain effective advice to lowering your own blood pressure, you will be much more likely to go directly to that business’ site next time and search for your next health problem directly on the site, now that they have provided you with value and a reason to trust their expertise.

        It works the same way for oil and gas marketing.

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        Deciphering Google's Algorithm 

        If a company is looking for “the best drill pipe elevators” in the market, they are going to Google that exact phrase and assume Google will point them in the best direction. 

        If your company has a blog or a video with that title, you should find your listing on the first page of their Google results.

        This is how companies can cast a very large marketing web on the internet through blogging and videos.

        The more content out there exhibiting their expertise, the most likely their customers will Google one of the topics that they have written about or recorded and find exactly what they are looking for.

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        3. Email Marketing

        While email is definitely not new in the marketing space, it is every bit as powerful as it was before.

        Acquiring emails from your current and potential customers is the name of the game in the inbound marketing space.

        By providing continuous value to your social media followers and your blog readers, they will want to provide you their email address so that they can stay up to speed with your latest news, updates, deals, and offerings.

        Leg up on Social

        Email marketing also has a leg up on social media marketing because once a follower or customer provides their email address, it will usually be for a more specific purpose as opposed to simply scrolling past your post on social media or finding your blog on their random search.

        Knowing that customers are interested in a particular topic or offering that you provide lets you continue to delight and warm them until they are ready to purchase. 

        It also allows you to remain relevant week by week as you educate them on the latest updates to your products or seasonal sales and offerings.

        Even though they may have not been ready to buy when they subscribed, when they are ready, guess who is on the forefront of their mind given their continuous presence in their inbox and thus in front of their faces? 


        4. An Effective Inbound Marketing Software

        Social Media, Blogs or Videos, and Email marketing are all great as stand alone pillars in the oil and gas marketing space.

        But having a software solution that ties them altogether and provides invaluable analytics on your most pressing and relevant campaigns is what separates those companies that are successful in the inbound marketing space from those that generically produce and post irrelevant content.

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        HubSpot, A Successful Solution

        An Inbound marketing software, such as Hubspot, allows oil and gas companies to not only reach new customers with their expertise, but also allows organizations to surgically strategize who their content reaches.  In addition, HubSpot offers a CMS platform, where these companies can build and host effective websites.

        You may be an expert and authority in your specific space or service offering, but Google does not know that.

        HubSpot enables you to expose your expertise and authority to the digital world.

        Want To Learn More?

        If you are in the oil and gas space looking for a more innovative and effective way to reach customers or provide a more seamless way for companies to find your services, click below and see how Vested's Engineers Turned Marketers can help get you noticed in times of need!

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        About Vested Marketing

        Vested Marketing | Lafayette LAAs a certified HubSpot Partner Agency, we not only understand the benefits of using the inbound marketing platform to increase traffic and engagement, improve SEO, generate leads, design effective websites and boost sales, we know how to make it happen. We are inbound marketing experts, SEO gurus and top-notch website developers. Our team of Engineers Turned Marketers can help get you noticed - for a more innovative and effective way to reach customers, or provide a more seamless way for companies to find your services.

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