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                  Engineering Marketing

                  Grow company awareness to increase lead generation in the Engineering Industry 

                  Engineering Banner - Vested


                  We understand engineers because we are engineers.

                  Blaine LaFleur started Vested Marketing to grow his engineering firm, and you could say he knocked it out of the park. 💥

                  LaFleur increased his engineering sales so fast that HubSpot themselves contacted him to learn what he was doing, which led to our Diamond Level HubSpot Partnership

                  Want to know more of how he did it? We got you. 

                  Learn about Blaine's Awesomeness


                  How Vested makes a difference

                  Brand Awareness

                  Establish your brand authority with professionally-designed assets and Inbound Marketing. From mechanical and civil engineering, to drafting and design solutions, we strategically showcase your projects to maximize your digital presence.

                  Sales Alignment

                  Provide your sales team with resources using HubSpot's CRM to effectively capture and follow-up with new leads, nurture prospects, and retain current customers.

                  Increase Leads

                  Stand out from the competition by properly optimizing your website to easily be found and rank on Google's listings, which means more qualified leads will come flooding into your contact forms. 

                  Engineering industry case studies

                  Take advantage of our resource center to see how inbound marketing is shifting the engineering industry, enabling companies to grow!


                  View Case Studies

                  Vested strategically created online, engineering content that generated an increase in inbound leads by 1500%.

                  Through inbound marketing, PES' website increased views by 340%, ultimately engaging more prospects down the funnel.

                  Vested Marketing campaigns doubled this engineering firm's influenced revenue in only six months.

                  Practical Engineering Solutions Nevatio Engineering Stonewall Ventures

                  Latest engineering news

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                  11 Industries that Benefit from Inbound Marketing

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                  Vested assists PES to increase awareness and generate contacts

                  Nothing speaks better than results. And well, we...

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                  Let's grow your engineering firm to receive qualified leads.

                  Our team of marketers, engineers and designers are dedicated to providing the solutions to your problems.

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