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              Join Us at PsyTech's Masterclass to Level Up Your Ketamine Clinic

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              Whether you're looking at starting your own ketamine clinic or leveling up your existing business, this PysTech Masterclass is for you! In this MasterClass you will learn concrete tools you need to take your current clinic to the next level or help you launch a new one — while avoiding common pitfalls.

              Run a Ketamine Clinic or Considering Opening One? 

              Join our very own, Blaine LaFleur, and other leading experts (such as Jamie Holmes - Managing Partner at Neuromend Infusion Center) in the upcoming PsyTech Masterclass on November 1st and 2nd!

              Participants will acquire high-yield information and actionable expertise from leading ketamine innovators and veteran practitioners.

              Use Promo code Vested10off to receive 10% off registration! *

              In this course you will learn:

              • How to enhance patient care and improve patient outcomes
              • Best in class marketing and business strategies to get more patients in the door 
              • The potential impact of the latest technologies to best serve your patients and track their progress
              • Best practices in operating a ketamine clinic with more efficiency and scalability
              • Understanding and implementing processes for insurance reimbursement
              • How to use music to create an optimized environment for therapy

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              Business Strategy: Marketing Tools and Techniques and Live Q&A

              You don't want to miss Day 1 when Blaine overviews how you can be successful at marketing your ketamine clinic. In his session, you'll learn effective growth tactics for managing your CRM, website and marketing, and social media best practices. 


              • How to leverage a CRM and setup your business for long term success
              • Why having a CRM is so important for your long term growth

              Website and Marketing:

              • Your Website is your Face: put your best foot forward
              • How to position your website to sell for you
              • Creating content and establishing yourself as a leader/authority in the field

              Social Media:

              • Social media is your friend: how to best use these tools, tricks and techniques
              • What is Google My Business and why it should be your #1 priority

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              Who does this benefit? 

              Regardless of what stage in the business development plan you are at, this class will be invaluable for you! Leveraging real people's stories and experiences for how you can be successful. 

              • Psychiatrists, Anesthesiologists, Emergency Medicine physicians, and physicians from any specialty that are interested in or already utilizing ketamine for the treatment of mental health conditions
              • Psychologists
              • Psychotherapists and other mental health professionals
              • Advanced Practice Providers including Nurse Practitioners, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, and Physician Assistants
              • Residents and Medical Students
              • Clinic Operators or Managers

              Register Now

              There are limited spaces available, so be sure to get a seat today! Early bird pricing ends on Oct. 18th.
              Don't forget to use promo code Vested10off to receive 10% off registration.

              Click the link below to learn more and register today!

              Psytech Masterclass | Vested Marketing


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