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                9 min read

                The Crypto Starter Kit for Couyons

                Featured Image

                Y'all might have heard ya Momma and dem talkin about some couyons who invested in cryptocurrency or 'holding Bitcoin' and asked yaself, "Mais now, what's dat?".  Some of dem baws already made beaucoup money buying, selling, and trading crypto, so what's stopping ya from doing the same, cher?

                Maybe y'all interested and don know where to start, or maybe y'all bought a lil crypto on an app ya already got and got the envie to learn more about how it works so y'all can pass a good time making some l'argent.

                For whatever ya reason for diving into crypto like dat, we here to help ya understand and get started in a simple and successful way, even a couyon can figure it out! Allons!

                Mais Now, What is Crypto?

                Cryptocurrency is a revolutionary (big word, we know) new form of money dat has changed the way dem couyons tink about transactions and security.

                Cryptocurrency (or crypto for short) is any lil form of currency dat only exists digitally and usually has no central issuing or regulating authority (dats a fancy way of sayin' ain't nobody gonna regulate y'all money like banks been doin' for years now, baw).

                So what's it do? Lemme tell ya.

                It uses a decentralized system (there we go with the big words again) to track where all ya monies are going and keeps an eye out on the supply of any new units. The great part? It relies on cryptography to stop dem couyons from counterfeiting and making fraudulent transactions like dat.

                When dealing with crypto, all y'all lil coins are stored in an encrypted ledger like dat, so they can't be fake or altered. Praise be, eh?

                Nothing gives peace of mind like having joie de vivre in knowing ya nice lil investments won't get diluted by couyon hackers looking for easy targets. Mais now, how nice is dat?

                And by getting y'all one of dose fancy, digital wallets, ya can have complete control over tings called "individual ownership records" (and nah that ain't code for "TV remote").

                Blockchain | Vested Marketing-1

                How Can I Get Me A Wallet Like Dat?

                We gon' break it down real slow and simple like dat - you got a lot of choices. In our southern hospitality, we went ahead and recommended a couple 'fer ya:


                Now all y'all lil podnuhs out 'der probably know about dis wallet cause dis is all the rage. Coinbase gives you two for one, cause we all love dem deals. It provides a wallet AND ability to buy many types of crypto (insert the hallelujah chorus here for dramatic effect). This option is good if y'all still a lil wet behind the ears, cher.


                Voyager | Vested Marketing

                On the other hand (when not holding a Michelob) is Voyager. Also with the wallet included, you get additional free tings - cause who don't want free stuff, baw. 

                Lemme break it down 'fer ya.

                • Download dis here app on your phone 'der
                • Trade $100 in Bitcoin (mais yeah, the alcohol says 'you can do it') 
                • Use dis little code, comme ca: CC3A04
                • Get dat $25 of free money, baw!

                Talk about nice, right? Cause nice is what we known for!... and hurricanes.

                Where not to buy like dat?

                Now, don't go buyin' no crypto in Robinhood, y'all hear?!  If you want to truly own ya lil coins like dat, ya must get you a wallet.

                Robinhood ain't got no wallet, so y'all not gonna actually own dem coins by using it. PayPal and Venmo also give you the option to buy and sell dat crypto through dey lil app, BUT these lil apps ain't got no wallets either, baw!

                So while ya 'buying' and 'selling' crypto, you don't actually own dat crypto like dat and can't send it to another app (like one with a wallet). It's pretty inconvenient - kinda like potholes on a new road.

                Ya wanna sit 'n chat about about crypto or buying coins like LITH Token for you and ya mom and dem? Go right on ahead and click below like dat, comme sa!

                Vested Marketing | LITH Token Crypto

                What Coin(s) Should I Own, Me?

                Once you find you a good lil app (with a wallet mind you) and start to explore the world of crypto, you gon' see dey got a lot of coins out der', each with dey own lil set of benefits. 

                You might be thinking 'Poo-yie!' with so many choices, but we'll help y'all narrow it down. Here are two buckets of coins to look into comme sa: 

                1. Bitcoin & Ethereum

                Untitled design (29)-png-1

                Unless ya looking to gamble with your lil coins by trading, it's probably best you stick to Bitcoin and Ethereum,

                 which are the two main coins in dat fancy crypto realm (Bitcoin being the biggest). 

                Now, other coins can be shiny and make ya some money in return, but it doesn't hurt to do ya some research 'n such before going 'n buying coins left and right...right?  Mais, now don't be tete dure and just trust y'all Nonc's lil Twitter now, cher, do ya research, baw! 

                2. Altcoins

                Altcoins (also known as alternative coins - shocker huh?) are the other lil cryptocurrencies out 'der other than Bitcoin.

                Besides Ethereum (which is an altcoin), dey got beaucoup altcoins to choose from. Altcoins give a lotta different bells and whistles based on what different people fancy, like some people like dey lil fried shrimp and some people like dey lil boiled shrimp. It all just depends on what you like, cher! 

                Pi-yah! Dats some altcoins wit solid utility dat look promisin':

                Untitled design (30)

                Lagniappe Crypto

                To make it all a lil bit more fun, dey got different ways to earn some lagniappe crypto besides just buying and selling through ya lil app. 

                Now y'all might be wondering how? And if so, ya would have some brain cells (insert applause). 

                Get you some crypto is wit the PEI app.

                  • Dis lil app literally gives ya some free Bitcoin for ya everyday purchases! Ca c'est bon!
                  • Check out Pei (@get_pei) — automatic cashback in Bitcoin or Cash with your existing cards, baw.
                  • Use dis code to join: is7iqn.PEI APP

                Another great little way to rack up on crypto is with the RoundlyX app.

                • Ya'know how Acorns works? Well dis here app is a lot like it.
                • It rounds up ya lil credit card purchases to buy crypto automatically. Mais garde de don!!
                • Check out RoundlyX here!

                Get Started, Cher!

                Now dat y'all know the basics and have dem apps to work with, you can get started buying, selling, and trading ya own lil crypto today. Get dat money, baw! 

                Remember dese tree tips:

                1. Start T-tiny:

                If y'all still a little haunte, don't you worry, you can go at ya own lil pace like dat. Y'all don't have to start off by buying beaucoup crypto. Mais, just start by buying a t-tiny amount of dem cryptos, dat way ya can learn how tings work and get real nice and comfy before investing more. 

                2. Laissez-les Tranquilles:

                Cryptocurrency markets are known for being canaille, so don't go boude' if you see big losses. Again, start t-tiny so you can get a feel for the ups and downs of dem markets, baw.

                3. Keep Researchin' Comme ca:

                Now, don't make us go and say it again! It's always a good idea to do y'all own lil ongoing research on coins you own and want to own, yea? Don't forget to do you some look ups on blockchain technology and other tings of cryptocurrency too, baw.

                Pi-yah! Y'all better follow these twitter accounts:

                The more ya learn ya little self sometin like dat, the better ya are to find success through investing in dem cryptocurrencies. Soon, y'all gon be a lil Cajun Crypto Couyon Baw, too (say dat five times fast)!

                Learn More from a Crypto Couyon

                Mais, y'all still wanna learn more about dat crypto? C'est Bon! Our very own baw, T-Blaine would love nothin' more den to talk all tings cryptocurrency with y'all! 

                Now, after clicking below, tell y'all Momma and dem we said como se va!

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