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                9 min read

                How to Improve SEO by Using CRM Software

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                How can you take the knowledge of your clients and use it to improve SEO? That should be a natural process because SEO should help your clients to find you more easily. The most efficient strategy is to analyze customer data and convert it into keywords, titles, metadata, and other essential SEO elements. That sounds like a straightforward process; all you need to do is collect customer data from somewhere.

                That is where customer relationship management software steps in. With that in mind, today, we want to discuss the best ways to improve SEO by using CRM software.

                In the next few minutes, we will try to help you understand SEO, break down the basics of using CRM, and explain why it is such a good platform for collecting customer data.

                1. The connection between CRM and SEO
                2. Come up with new keywords
                3. Publish better content
                4. Better SEO leads to more traffic, and more traffic leads to better SEO
                5. Solve customer issues to improve online reputation
                6. Follow our tips and improve SEO by using CRM software

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                The connection between CRM and SEO

                CRM is a platform that allows you to keep track of customer data. You can:

                • build customer profiles;
                • review purchase history;
                • track opportunities and contracts;
                • take notes about your clients;

                It is a database with all the necessary information regarding your clients. If we know that SEO elements come from a mix of business goals and customer requirements, it becomes obvious that whatever data you have in the CRM is a part of search engine optimization.

                By utilizing that data, you can create essential elements of SEO. That is why you need to choose the best CRM for your business.

                >> See why business are switching from their CRM to HubSpot.

                Come up with new keywords

                Keywords are essential for SEO. By targeting the right audience with an SEO strategy, they help your clients to find your website more easily. However, it is crucial to understand that people use keywords differently. That is why we need different types of keywords, such as:

                • short-tail keywords;
                • long-tail keywords;
                • keywords for voice search;

                All three types are very different but revolve around similar words and phrases.

                The way you can utilize CRM is to look for inspiration. For example, many companies use CRM to take notes on customer-related issues. Customer support teams communicate with clients all day long, and they thoroughly understand their most common pain points. If you capture that data and analyze it through CRM, you can use it to develop new keywords.

                CRMs like HubSpot, for example, include an SEO Tool that users can use to research keywords and topics.  Using HubSpot's SEO tools, users can research and organize topics and subtopic keywords based on their company's areas of expertise. These topics serve as the foundation for all the content they create on their blog and website. 

                Publish better content

                Your content is the reason why customers come to you. Because it is such an important element of your website, it also plays an essential role in SEO. Content also sets you apart from competitors.

                With that in mind, how can you optimize your content and improve it to target the right audience? The question takes us to the same answer - through customer data.

                For example, we know that a good CRM platform allows you to monitor the opportunities and purchases of your clients. If you analyze their shopping habits, you can understand the products' most sold. Now you know where to shift the focus.

                Furthermore, if customer support reports issues with specific products, you can create content that addresses those issues and offers various solutions.

                That is an excellent proactive approach that will engage your customers in a new way.

                Better SEO leads to more traffic, and more traffic leads to better SEO

                As you improve keywords and content by utilizing customer data collected in the CRM database, you will greatly improve your SEO. As a result, the traffic on your website should also go up.

                Google takes the amount of traffic into consideration when indexing your website. If your traffic goes up, your website rating will also improve.

                As you can see, if you improve SEO by using CRM software, you are starting a chain reaction that will only make things better in the future. The essential part is to continue to collect customer data and regularly audit SEO. Furthermore, you often need to do SEO A/B testing to know whether it's working or not.

                Solve customer issues to improve online reputation

                CRM is a fantastic tool that will help you to solve customer issues. That is because it gives you full insight into who your customers are, what they need from your business and their problems. Many companies struggle with this part because it is often impossible to keep everyone happy and satisfied.

                With the help of CRM, you will substantially improve customer relationships and potentially solve some of their problems. That will lead to positive comments on social media, good customer reviews, and talk about the company.

                That leads to a better online rating because customer reviews are essential in search engine optimization. Google values customer satisfaction.

                Follow our tips and improve SEO by using CRM software

                Customer data plays an essential role in the future of any business. It all revolves around clients and their needs. Without that, there is no need to do business. With that in mind, any software that helps a company collect and analyze customer data will contribute to overall strategies in various business sectors. That is why CRM has such a huge role in search engine optimization.

                By analyzing customer data, you can substantially improve your SEO efforts. Whether creating new and powerful keywords, improving your content, or indirectly boosting your SEO through a better online reputation, there is no doubt that CRM will significantly impact your business.

                Furthermore, remember that SEO rules constantly change. Every time there is a Google update, the algorithm changes, and you need to audit SEO. That process has many uncertainties because you are not always sure what to do.

                However, one thing that will never change is that customers' needs will dictate the market's direction. Customer data is that one constant that you can always rely on. If you decide to improve SEO using CRM software, you will help your company grow even in the most challenging market conditions.

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                You’ll be able to reach new customers, grow your business, and achieve success online. 

                We want to learn about what makes your business unique and how our services can help take it to the next level of success! We look forward to working with you soon!

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