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                  8 min read

                  UL at Lafayette College of Engineering Invests in New Building

                  Featured Image

                  The UL Lafayette College of Education is constructing a new 70,000-square-foot building that will provide better instruction and research technology development capabilities to educate the engineering workforce of the future!

                  New Building Construction Expands Training Capabilities

                  Announcement of the new building plans was made on August 17, 2022 at the State of the University address by UL Lafayette president, Dr. Joseph Savoie.

                  “It will offer a contemporary, student-centered facility that will encourage interactive and interdisciplinary collaborations among students and faculty in the college’s multiple departments, and between the college and business and industry partners,” Savoie said.

                  Amenities included in the new building plans include smart classrooms, "maker space" including equipment and technology for prototypes and projects, the Mosting Student Center for Outreach and Career Development, student excellence center, areas for study, tutoring, and more.

                  The new engineering building will be located on the western edge of campus next to Madison and Rougeou halls.


                  UL Shapes Future PES Engineers

                  The College of Engineering is a world-renowned institution for its research and teaching in conventional and emerging renewable energy sources, including advanced materials and manufacturing, water management, bioengineering, and secure smart systems.

                  Savoie stated, “The new engineering classroom building will enable the college to take that leadership to a new level.”

                  Training Engineering Students for a Real-Life Experience

                  The Dean of the College of Engineering, Dr. Ahmed Khattab, said the new building will constitute “a cutting-edge learning environment that will produce well-rounded, career-ready engineers and technologists who meet the needs for current and future engineering and technology professions.”

                  At PES, we've developed a career-oriented training program for graduates to learn designing and engineering applications for real-world training, expand job opportunities, and leverage industry reputation.

                  Educating Students to Provide Innovative Engineering Services

                  UL is leading the way for engineering students to provide various types of engineering services in multiple industry sectors including energy, marine, industrial, mining, oil and gas, and lithium.

                  “It will be an unambiguous statement that this University is preparing its students to engineer a future that is strong, smart and sustainable,” Savoie mentioned. These engineering services can include:

                  Mechanical Engineering

                  This includes a vast range of engineering training solutions such as drawing, animation, design and drafting, graphics, CAD-related services that will provide the following capabilities:

                  Civil Engineering

                  Students will learn technology-based solutions for design, permitting, and construction of infrastructure and real estate development. This education will help service the following types of engineering services within civil engineering:

                  Technical Inspections

                  Future PES engineers will learn to ensure designs meet safety and compliance standards for secure and sustainable sources of energy to provide services in diverse industries such as oil and gas, renewable, power, nuclear, engineering, chemical, and mining.

                  • Purchasing
                  • Expediting
                  • Auditing, Assessment, and Quality Engineering
                  • Shipment
                  • Line Pipe
                  • Coating
                  • Construction Site
                  • Construction Management
                  • Umbilicals and Flexibles
                  • OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods)
                  • Rotating Equipment (Turbine and Compressors, Pumps, and more)
                  • Packages
                  • Lifting Equipment
                  • Electrical Equipment (Low Voltage)

                  Louisiana State Funding Paves the Way for Growth

                  The new building is forecasted to cost close to $50 million and will be constructed and operated with an additional $35 million in private and public funds. The Louisiana Legislature dedicated $15 million for the new plans.

                  In total, Together: The Campaign for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette aims to raise $500 million, which will be part of the largest comprehensive fundraising initiative in UL Lafayette history. Priorities for these funds include the renovation and construction / maintenance of academic spaces such as labs and classrooms.

                  Khattab said, “As a whole, the improvements represent an investment in the strategic growth of campus, and coincide with the college’s evolving, innovative approach to education and research."

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                  Original article by Practical Engineering Solutions

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                  UL at Lafayette College of Engineering Invests in New Building

                  The UL Lafayette College of Education is constructing a new 70,000-square-foot building that will provide better...