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                8 min read

                The First Sports Cryptocurrency with a Purpose: The Game Coin

                Featured Image

                Do you love sports, kids, and cryptocurrency?  The Game Coin is combining the sports industry, talent recruitment, social media, and charity into one user-friendly place. The total global sports market is estimated at a rate of $1.1 trillion, with participation expected to reach 3.5 billion people by 2025. 

                The youth sports industry is projected to reach $77.6 billion globally by 2026. This coin and platform will be the first of its kind and will change the sports experience for the player, fan, and consumer!

                What is The Game Coin?

                The Game Coin is known as the first sports cryptocurrency with a purpose.  Their goal is to allow any athlete in the world the ability to create their own sports token. These athletes will be on a new type of social media platform that allows token holders the ability to speculate on these athletes through tokenization. What is tokenization?

                Tokenization is the process where the value of an asset is converted into a digital token that is then recorded and shared via blockchain. The platform will be built on blockchain allowing for individuals and organizations to contribute and participate in this decentralized marketplace, all while enhancing token holder value. 

                The Game Coin is set to ensure that the cost of youth sports isn’t going to be the reason athletes stop playing and miss out on the benefits it brings to the table.


                What problem is The Game Coin Solving?

                Sports participation has many benefits to our young athletes (see here for cheapest life insurance for young people). A few benefits are increased physical activity, health, and wealth, forming social and community bonds, facing and overcoming challenges, and improving academic potential. The challenges here have roots in the cost to participate in youth sports.

                Costs range from program and coaching fees to equipment, uniforms, travel expenses, private lessons, and more. These costs add up, and the potential benefits are lost for too many. On average, the U.S. parent spends $700 - $1,000 a month on youth sports.

                The Aspen Institute and Utah State University estimate that families alone have spent $30 billion a year on youth sports; this is more than the annual revenues of the NFL, NBA, etc., and this number does not include public or private sector support.


                Get in the Game 




                Every Game Coin transaction has a 10% transaction fee. This fee supports the overall vision and mission of Game Coin while also providing more Game Coin to current holders.

                Every Game Coin transaction will give 4% to charity, which will prioritize giving the youth in less fortunate areas the access to the same apparel, equipment and training needed to help them throughout their path to greatness.

                They place an emphasis on complete transparency, sustainable strategic growth decisions, donations to kids around the world, and innovative marketing campaigns that will ensure the sports world falls in love with The Game Coin as much as the rest of us.

                The Game Coin Tokenomics

                How does The Game Coin support athletes?

                The vision for the athlete with this coin is to allow any athlete in the world the ability to create their own token in the Game Coin platform. They will then have the unique ability to raise their Player Card/Sports Token value along with their rise in their prospective sport’s marketplace. The Game Coin will make this possible via the social media platform.

                The Game Coin Athletes

                • Jennie Finch, USA Softball, Gold Medalist
                • Michael Pratt, Tulane University Football, Quarterback
                • Ty Davis-Price, LSU Football, Runningback
                • Duece Watts, Tulane University Football, Wide Receiver
                • Cam Lewis, LSU Football, Safety
                • Jordan Wright, Men's Basketball, Forward/Guard
                • Jay Ward, LSU Football, Safety
                • Cameron Carroll, Tulane University Football, Running Back

                The Game Coin Athletes-1


                What does this mean for token holders?

                As a token holder, you are investing in a vision of being able to provide every athlete in the world the opportunity to participate, connect, compete, and compare their gifts and abilities on one platform.

                You will also have the opportunity to invest in a “Players Card,” or sports token, that will grow in value under the Game Coin as the athlete progresses in their sports journey both on and off the field; getting a piece of the pie and growing wealth when the chosen athlete makes it to the “Star Level.” Investing in and supporting the player earlier in their career will bring benefits to the athlete, the charity, and the token holder.

                The Game Coin White Paper

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                We are inbound marketing experts, SEO gurus and top-notch website developers.

                Our team of Engineers Turned Marketers can help get you noticed - for a more innovative and effective way to reach customers, or provide a more seamless way for companies to find your services. Inbound Marketing has no limit to industry, serving from Crypto & NFT, mining, oil and gas, technology & automation, engineering, technology, construction, healthcare, IV infusions, local products like old fashioned cocktail mixers, to industrial & manufacturing, Cajun food, seasonings, recipes & product distribution, term life insurance, Amazon sales, fast fashion, wholesale fashion and wholesale clothing. We support all local Louisiana businesses, and shopping your own mortgage.

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