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        3 min read

        OPEC: Unprecedented Oil Pact Finalized by Allies

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        Sources Say Oil Pact Finalized as OPEC Allies Reached Compromise With Mexico.


        • U.S. Saudi Arabia, Russia Agree to Lead Unprecedented Oil Output Deal
        • OPEC, Allies to Cut 9.7M B/D Under Compromise With Mexico
        • Mexico to Reconsider its Position After Two Months After OPEC Compromise
        • OPEC, Allies Expect US, Brazil, Canada to Reduce 3.7M B/D
        • U.S. to Cut 300,000 B/D to Compensate for Mexico
        • Saudis, Gulf Producers to Over-comply With Cut Deal

        Saudi Arabia, Russia and the U.S. have agreed to lead a multinational coalition in major oil-production cuts after a month-long Saudi-Russian feud and a drop in demand due to the coronavirus crisis devastated oil prices.

        The deal, sealed Sunday, came after President Trump intervened to help resolve a Saudi-Mexico standoff that jeopardized the broader pact.

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        Sunday’s emergency meeting — the second in four days — came as oil-producing nations scrambled to reach an agreement in an effort to prop up falling prices as the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to hammer demand.

        The agreement also ends a price war that broke out between Saudi Arabia and Russia at the beginning of March, which further pressured oil prices as each sought to gain market share.

        CTA - oilandgas

        Under OPEC+’s new agreement, Mexico will cut 100,000 barrels per day, instead of the 400,000 barrels per day it had initially been asked to cut.

        The 9.7 million barrels per day cut will begin on May 1, and will extend through the end of June.

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