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    A Man, His Dog & $500,000: Inspiration Knows No Bounds (or Breeds)

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    Our good friend, Mark Leblanc, and his border collie won Amazon Prime's new show - The Pack! From Costa Rica to Europe and everywhere in-between, nothing stopped these two from putting it all on the line.

    An Experience of a Lifetime 

    From big dreams in Utah to big reward around the globe, Mark LeBlanc and Ace, his trusted canine, ventured into an unforgettable journey. 

    They competed with 11 other teams on Amazon Prime's show, The Pack. Starting the adventure after weeks of intense training, they ended first prize winners...of $500,000!

    Ace and I have a soul connection..." LeBlanc said. "The show forced me to really appreciate what I have with him.”

    Not only do the two have a companionship unlike any other, they've persevered through emotional strain, physical ailments, and strenuous endeavors, such as rappelling down a waterfall in Costa Rica.

    You can find all 10 episodes of The Pack on Amazon Prime. Check out the trailer below! 


    Investing in the Future

    It's about the relationship

    Since winning, LeBlanc has been focused on encouraging people to do better as a society with helping dogs who don't have a home yet or growing closer with their own pups. 

    It's changing the way people want to have relationship with their dogs.. . for me, that's really special. I think doing things with your dog helps you live in the present and makes you a happier person. - Mark LeBlanc

    LeBlanc chose to donate $250,000 to an animal welfare organization, Best Friends Animal Society. He is passionate about the society's goal to make all U.S. animal shelters no-kill by 2025!

    What Inspires You?

    After receiving a increase of heartwarming messages to his account, LeBlanc continues to use his platform to motivate others on his podcast - Chasing Aces

    So one of my goals now is to create a podcast where I can expose the people who inspire me… Everyone that I know who is extremely happy, they all have the same thing in common. They all try hard things. They all suffer in the outdoors and do things that make them feel alive. - Mark LeBlanc

    Our very own, Tyler LaFleur, was recently interviewed by LeBlanc in Lafayette, LA. Listen on Apple or Spotify or watch the video below!


    Stay Tuned 

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    You can also follow his journey on Instagram (@markcleblanc) or on Ace’s Instagram (@acethetraildog).

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