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        6 min read

        2021 Hot Topics that are Combining Lithium and Crypto

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        Lithium and crypto have something brewing. We've seen many times that lithium, as well as other commodities, will rise in price and demand. Let's dive into what we've seen as "trending" in the crypto and lithium markets

        What is Lith Token?

        Lith Token (LITH) is an environmentally-focused, ESG investing, decentralized community dedicated to improving the environment through token holders being able to purchase things like solar panels and electric vehicles at a discounted price.

        This community intends to be an industry leader by allowing themselves space for growth into a sustainable ecosystem while building an environmentally-conscious community. Additionally, they plan to offer these products at a discount through partnerships and tokenomics.  With the help of their partners, they plan to set forth a green lithium extraction revolution.



        Why should Lith Token increase in value?

        The world is moving towards clean energy, and it's been a long time coming. New products are popping up every day with electric power requirements (drones, mobile devices, computers, etc), but what's the best thing about these new products? They're discounted when you use LITH tokens when making the purchase, whether you want to turn your share in your investment into an actual tangible product. 

        Lith Token

        Global Demand for Lithium

        The growth in demand for lithium is the result of advancements in electric cars, which means we must ensure that technology put toward extraction and production of lithium is cleaner. 

        Lithium prices are up 80% over the last year. To meet global demand by 2030, production levels will have to increase 10x. This means that products like lithium will be even more expensive in the future.

        Lith Token and Lithium Mining Companies

        Ensorcia Metal's Indigenous People’s Initiative is associated with far-reaching socio-environmental impacts. Traditional mining is not only risky to the environment, but it also causes damage to indigenous people in Chile and Argentina. Lithium has a long history of heavy use, which can lead to ecological problems.

        To remedy this, Ensorcia's cutting edge method (Direct Lithium Extraction), dramatically improves upon the approach of traditional lithium mining practices, leaving a softer footprint that is highly favorable to the local population.

        Ensorcia's child company, SORCIA Minerals, continues to advance in its objective of introducing in Chile an innovative and highly sustainable technology developed by the Canadian Company, International Battery Metals, LTD (IBAT)SORCIA has reached an agreement for over 2000 hectares to exploit lithium with innovative sustainable technology.

        Ride with Lith

        Direct Lithium Extraction

        The Direct Lithium Extraction process allows for the extraction of lithium, re-injecting over 90% of the extracted brine in its natural state. This minimizes water usage and is less invasive to land with modular plants.

        The selective absorption lithium technology was invented by Dr. John Burba, CEO of IBAT, has been shown to be more efficient than current methods and protects the surrounding ecosystem.

        How will the IPI wallet for Lith Token be funded?

        A dedicated wallet for buying and selling lithium has been opened - the IPI. Ensorcia plans to use US dollars to donate to this initiative. The funds will be used to spread the word on this technology to get other companies to adopt it's use!

        All net proceeds from the purchase of LITH merchandise will be used to purchase LITH tokens and subsequently donated to the IPI wallet. Participants will purchase tokens from the IPI wallet and agree to hold on to them for a long period of time—until the coins have appreciated. Large OTC orders provide better price execution for investors.

        How to purchase lith token



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