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                6 min read

                What Is Firmao?

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                You can often hear that CRM is a must-have tool for business. But what is a CRM and why is it so important? The Firmao team explains what this useful tool is, what functionalities it should include, and the advantages of using Firmao over other CRM systems.

                What is a CRM?

                A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system combines all the functionalities that every company needs to operate efficiently. The definition of a CRM system states that it is managing relations with current and potential customers. So what is the CRM system used for exactly?

                It is an indispensable tool that every company should have to better operate and function. Combining multiple programs into one is also a huge financial saving. A company can be more efficient and see much larger growth when it focuses on things other than integrating between programs that do not work together.

                The purpose of the CRM system is both to build loyalty and to define the "value" of each customer by utilizing continuous acquisition and appropriate use of available information.

                Firmao CRM System Functionalities

                A CRM system is a phenomenal solution for small and medium-sized companies. For large companies, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is the best choice. Firmao has both CRM and ERP functionalities, making it a program that works for every industry, enterprise, and company.

                We've highlighted a few of the system functionalities that are the most important for businesses using a CRM.

                • Customer Relationship Management. Create a customer database that allows you to shorten the time of customer acquisition, increase conversion, and efficiently and comprehensively serve customers.

                • Enterprise Resources Planning. An integrated, multi-level warehouse management system that gives you full control over production and stock documents.

                • Invoicing Program. Issuing Value-Added Tax (VAT) invoices with Firmao allows you to organize and speed up the company's workload.

                • Quotes and Orders. Firmao's CRM quotes and orders module lets you quickly and easily issue sales documents.

                • Project Management and Tasks. Organize project activities and tasks, which will improve its functioning and communication between departments and employees.

                • Livechat and Callback. These widgets allow you to easily increase the number of potential customers without incurring additional costs for marketing.

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                Advantages of using Firmao CRM

                The implementation of the CRM system gives your business many tangible benefits, both those that can be measured in terms of increasing employee productivity or growing revenues and intangible assets, such as improving customer service and automation of business processes.

                Firmao has created a CRM system that is simple and easy to use, yet still has all of the features and functionalities that businesses need. The main advantages of using Firmao CRM include:

                Firmao Dashboard

                A Perfectly Organized Company

                With Firmao's CRM system, collecting, organizing, and storing information will become fully automated. Finding, analyzing, or applying it in practice will be much easier than before.

                Better Relationships With Customers

                The Firmao system allows you to archive all data regarding the sales process so that you can access the information you need at any time.

                Support For New Employees and Lower Recruitment Costs

                Firmao Invoice

                Creating a corporate database in the system allows newly recruited employees to get answers to frequently asked questions related to customer service and the performance of their duties.

                Automation of Accounting Systems

                An important feature of CRMs is the integration with accounting and warehouse systems. Firmao has special accounting modules enabling quick invoicing or accounting of current expenses and costs.

                Comprehensive Warehouse Management

                Firmao's CRM system supports the management of an arbitrary number of warehouses. You can also monitor stocks in real time and automate the process of reordering goods.

                Firmao Dash

                Flexible and Fully Scalable System

                The Firmao CRM system can be fully adapted to the needs of each company. The program allows you to use only those modules that are needed in everyday work. As your business grows, you can add new modules or even change the structure of the entire system.


                Why Choose the Firmao CRM System?

                Firmao's CRM system is constantly being developed and improved to meet the needs of its clients. They are constantly expanding their offer of integrations and add-ons so that every customer can find a solution that perfectly meets their needs.

                If you're looking for a comprehensive CRM system with a wide range of features and functionalities, Firmao is the right choice for you. This program will help you increase sales, improve customer service, and automate your business processes. Contact Firmao today to learn more about how they can help your business grow!

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