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              5 min read

              How to maximize your Vidyard Video Hub

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              If you're looking to get the most out of your Vidyard Video Hub, then you've come to the right place. By leveraging your Vidyard Video Hub in clever ways, it can become a powerful tool that helps drive engagement and measure success for your video content. It's about more than just uploading videos—Vidyard offers a suite of features designed to help make hosting, managing and tracking all of your video content easier and more effective.

              Read on to learn more about how Vidyard Video Hub can help maximize the impact of your videos.

              1. What are Vidyard Video Hubs?
              2. Design your video hub
              3. Choose the layout of your hub pages
              4. Add branded elements to your hub
              5. Manage advanced hub settings
              6. Style your hub with HTML and CSS

              What are Vidyard Video Hubs?

              Give your videos the perfect home they deserve with Vidyard's Video Hub, similar to that of a YouTube channel. This platform is not only organized and branded for you, but also distraction-free to keep viewers engaged - plus coming back! Transform how people view your content and give them an experience like never before.

              Create your custom channels

              Vidyard's Video Hubs enable you to segment your video library into distinct channels tailored to each audience. Build an inbound channel for marketing, a walk-through channel for support, a customer stories channel for sales, and an internal resource library to empower employees.

              Have full creative control

              Launch, share them, restrict, and secure your video hubs. You have complete control over who engages with your video hubs, plus analytics and insight, so you can optimize them and see who’s watching what.

              Design your video hub

              Take your video content to the next level with Vidyard's Video Hubs – a curated collection of videos presented in elegant, branded webpages. You have complete control over the look and feel of your hub; design options enable you to customize everything from layout and style to create an unforgettable viewing experience for any visitor.

              • Start simple: choose page layouts, upload a company logo, and add links to social channels.
              • Take your design a step further: add HTML and CSS for a unique look or to match the style of your company website.

              Choose the layout of your hub pages

              To display your videos in the most effective way, it's important to select a layout that fits with the purpose of your hub. This could be for the main page, for organizing videos by category or displaying search results. Choose carefully and make sure you're selecting an option that works best for what you need!

              Add branded elements to your hub

              Your Video Hub provides a perfect space to showcase your brand. Upload a header image, customize colors and fonts, add social media links, favicons and feature any other elements that make up your company's branding.

              Manage advanced hub settings

              Are you in search of ways to shape the way visitors engage with your hub? Would you like them to be able to search for videos, download them, or embed them elsewhere? With advanced settings, now you have complete command over these possibilities.

              Style your hub with HTML and CSS

              The Hubs Code Editor provides you with a wide range of HTML tags and attributes to help customize your hub design.

              For optimal results, we suggest that all styling be directed towards the CSS sections of the editor instead of inline styling as this will not be supported by our platform. With these tools at your disposal, now is a great time to explore new designs for your hubs!

              Vested is Your Vidyard Partner

              With Vested Marketing, you’ll have a Vidyard partner who can give you the confidence and support you need.

              Showcase a collection of videos in a set of branded, distraction-free webpages.

              Let us help you customize your hub design options in Vidyard, adjust the layout, style, and overall experience of your hub.

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