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                10 min read

                How Do I Leverage Video And Social Media to Sell?

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                Blaine LaFleur, CEO of Vested Marketing, shares how you can leverage video and social media in your marketing strategy to sell! Start creating engaging videos, build genuine connections, and grow your follower base. Discover effective strategies for brand awareness, content engagement, and industry networking.

                Want to learn more about what digital marketing could do for your business? Continue reading and connect with us to see how Vested can help!

                1. Tips for Leveraging Video and Social Media to Sell
                2. What is Vidyard?
                3. How Can You Leverage Vidyard on Social Media?
                4. Vested + Vidyard Partnership

                Tips for Leveraging Video and Social Media to Sell

                1. Just Start 

                Creating videos and posting them to social media can be more than simply engaging with friends and family.

                Strategically, you can use social media channels for businesses to leverage as additional avenues to reach their potential and current customers. Begin by simply doing.

                Have a service or product you want to offer?

                Make a video explaining how your offering creates value for your customers!

                Whether it's brand awareness or sending proposals, this creates more engagement for prospects to flow down the funnel. 

                Pro-tip: Platforms such as Vidyard make creating videos as simple as pressing a button and can be directly shared to your social channels to save you time, hassle, and cloud storage space. Keep reading to find out more about Vidyard!

                Don't have the basic social channels yet?

                Create them!

                Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram are great channels to begin sharing your business content.

                Pro-tip: link your social media on your company website and in your email signature to help your audience view your channels.

                Want to learn more about how you can leverage your social media accounts to promote sales? Click below to read about Pay Per Click Campaigns - From Clicks to Conversions! 

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                2. Keep It Real 

                Behind every piece of content lies real people with real lives outside of work, so let those characteristics, personalities, and passions add color to what you create.

                • Be Relatable: By being relatable, you're building a connection with your audience and helping them interact with your business in a more personal way, ultimately leading to a better client relationship.

                • Be Intentional: Be intentional about what content you're sharing by asking yourself what is the objective. Consider what you aim to achieve with your post, whether it's increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, or engaging with your audience on a deeper level.

                Check out our blog Want To Improve Your Content Engagement? Focus On Your Intention for more guidance on content strategy.

                3. Build Up Your Followers 

                What's the easiest method to achieve this? It's as simple as asking!

                Take advantage of the features on each social media channel that allow you to invite individuals to like your page or share your content. By doing so, you're not only expanding your reach but also enhancing brand visibility and generating more impressions for your posts.

                Additionally, incorporating relevant hashtags aligned with the content you're sharing can further promote your channels and pique the interest of potential followers in your business offerings. Utilizing strategic hashtags tailored to your industry or niche can significantly boost your social media presence and attract a targeted audience eager to engage with your content.

                4. Engage Others In Your Industry

                Network with your industry remotely! It's not all about leading with the sale, but instead about fostering relationships. 

                Interacting with other companies' social media and creating videos that show your non-verbals help communicate your genuine interest in providing solutions. 

                Utilizing video is also an effective way to educate and teach your audience efficiently.

                For both external clients and internal team members, you can make a two-minute video answering questions, instead of typing an entire novel in an email. It saves both you and your viewer time and creates a more lasting impact.  

                What is Vidyard?

                Vidyard is a versatile video marketing and sales platform that enables businesses to create, manage, and share video content with tools for personalization, screen recording, and analytics. Integrated with marketing and CRM tools, Vidyard enhances customer communication and boosts outreach efforts through video engagement.

                How Can You Leverage Vidyard on Social Media?

                Leveraging Vidyard on social media can significantly enhance your video marketing efforts by increasing engagement and reach. Here are some ways to use Vidyard effectively on social media:

                1. Create Engaging Video Content: Use Vidyard’s tools to produce high-quality, engaging videos tailored for social media platforms. You can create personalized videos, product demos, customer testimonials, and educational content to capture attention.

                2. Embed Videos Directly: Vidyard allows you to embed videos directly into social media posts. This can increase engagement rates as videos are more likely to be watched and shared compared to text or static images.

                3. Analyze Performance: Utilize Vidyard’s analytics to track the performance of your videos on social media. Monitor metrics such as views, watch times, and engagement rates to understand what resonates with your audience and refine your content strategy.

                4. Share Personalized Video Messages: Create personalized video messages for specific audience segments or individual followers. Personalized content can significantly increase engagement and build stronger connections with your audience.

                5. Cross-Promote Content: Share your Vidyard-hosted videos across multiple social media channels to maximize visibility. Ensure the content is optimized for each platform’s unique format and audience preferences.

                Pro-tip: Enable the Replies Setting: Enable the Replies setting in Vidyard to create an interactive space for dialogue, fostering community, feedback, and connections with viewers. Spark conversations and build relationships through this valuable feature!

                Vested is Your Vidyard Partner

                We know you are busy running your business. With Vested Marketing, you’ll have a partner who can give you the confidence and support you need. Give your videos – and your audience – the home they deserve.

                Our Vidyard Services:

                • Design your hub with HTML and CSS: Modify your Hub's header/footer and styling colors to achieve a clean look by customizing the design of your hub with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

                • Choose the layout of your pages: Layouts determine how videos are organized on the various pages —whether that's the main landing page, a category of videos, or search results.

                • Add branded elements to your pages: Update your page(s) to match your company's brand by adding your logo and page's favicon along with your social channels.

                • Set up a domain for your hub: Configure your Vidyard page addresses to match your domain name to increase your domain traffic - and maximize SEO.

                Let us take care of customizing your Video Hub page for you so you can focus on what you do best.

                Click here to learn more! 

                We're Here to Help! 

                In addition to our Vidyard services, Vested is a full-service marketing company dedicated to supporting your business as it continues to scale.

                Utilize our digital marketing strategies and take advantage of our resources, such as HubSpot's free CRM and discounted Starter Growth Suite, to set your business up for sustainable growth!

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                About Vested Marketing

                Vested Marketing | Lafayette LAAs a certified HubSpot Partner Agency, we not only understand the benefits of using the inbound marketing platform to increase traffic and engagement, improve SEO, generate leads, design effective websites and boost sales, we know how to make it happen.

                We are inbound marketing experts, SEO gurus and top-notch website developers.

                Our team of Engineers Turned Marketers can help get you noticed - for a more innovative and effective way to reach customers, or provide a more seamless way for companies to find your services. Inbound Marketing has no limit to industry, serving from Crypto & NFT, mining, oil and gas, technology & automation, engineering, technology, construction, healthcare, to industrial & manufacturing.

                How Do I Leverage Video And Social Media to Sell?

                Blaine LaFleur, CEO of Vested Marketing, shares how you can leverage video and social media in your marketing strategy

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