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    Best Practices for Vidyard

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    Now that you've downloaded the Vidyard tool, how do you excel at using it?

    Ali Hammoud, Vested's Vidyard Representative, shares his quick tips to help your video content be impactful and stand out to prospects! 

    Tips to Excel at Video 

    1. Personalize 

    Leveraging video as another platform to communicate is meant to add more human interaction - not remove it. As such, you're able to upscale your content to be more personalized and engage your audience "face-to-face." 

    In Ali's example, he talks directly to his intended audience as if he was in the room with you and utilizes props, such as a white board to help provide visuals in his video. 

    It's essentially as if you were having a conversation with your audience except instead of through writing copy or in-person, it's through a recording! 

    2. Be Authentic 

    We've said it before and we'll say it again - it's okay to make mistakes! At the end of the day, we're all real people with real lives that have goals and make mistakes along the way. 

    So whether or not you say "um" a few too many times or trip over your words while recording, it shows there's a real person on the other side. 

    We're not meant to be robots that perfect the way we sound, but instead we're to be helpful resources providing solutions to meet your needs. Let your personality and values be what's communicated to your audience. Believe us, they can tell when it's sincere and when it's fake.

    3. Video Quality 

    That being said, there are ways to ensure your video quality matches the level of professionalism you wish to communicate! 

    • Center yourself on the screen 
    • Have clear sound through your microphone and minimal noise around you
    • Be sure your lighting is bright in the room 
    • Keep your content concise and to the point  

    Haven't downloaded Vidyard yet?

    Be sure to download Vidyard's free tool to reach your audience in a personalized way! 

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