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                6 min read

                Why HubSpot Custom Quotes Matter For Your Business

                Featured Image

                Are you maximizing your quoting process to not only develop better relationships with prospects, utilize CRM data more effectively, and create efficiency for your internal team? With custom quote templates in HubSpot, we help businesses do just that - save time, have more control, and build trust.  

                As we can all agree, quotes are the practical and yet very fundamental step in the sales process that conversion hinges upon.

                With recently added features, team's can now develop more consistency, creating the below HUGE wins that can make or break a deal: 

                • Increase your time to value 

                • Create more powerful and personalized experiences 

                • Built trust with potential clients 

                • Grow your business 

                Interested in outsourcing proposals all-together? Learn more about the benefits of outsourcing proposal development for RFPs! 

                The Benefits of Outsourcing Proposal Generation

                What are Custom Quote Templates? 

                In its traditional form, HubSpot's quoting tool is a streamline process to quote - very simple. It provides the functionality to efficiently create and send proposals to prospects, while seamlessly connecting with other objects (contacts, companies, and deals). 

                However, the value doesn't stop there.

                Custom quotes now include the ability to tailor your CRM data to give prospects are more effective and clear user-experience by providing sales teams, developers and marketers the ability to:   

                • Quote in design tools

                • Create Default templates

                • Design Custom template editor 

                • Leverage Reporting and workflow (coming soon) 

                • Automation through API (coming soon)

                Benefits of Custom Quotes 

                Some benefits of using custom HubSpot quotes include:Custom Quote - Website Images-1

                1. Brand Consistency 

                By leveraging accurate CRM data and custom design features, you're able to create a more consistent experience for prospects to easily understand your value prop, offering, and all transactional details. 

                2. Build Trust 

                Customizing quotes to have better brand consistency and more valuable data communicate reliability, professionalism, and transparency to overall build more trust in your client relationship. 

                3. Save Time

                The pre-designed templates and automation capabilities maximize your sales team's time to operate more effectively and create a better user-experience without spending more time adding details to the proposals. 

                Examples of Custom Quotes

                Selling Into Multi-Location Businesses

                Custom quotes pull custom object data from records related to the deal and then automatically merges them into the quote itself. This data can include inventory numbers, shipping records, company locations, and more.

                It's also optimized to be printed to collect a live signature (as opposed to an e-signature). 

                Generating Customer-Tailored Quotes

                This type of quote features dynamic terms being added to the document based on what products are added and ensures that the right legal language is automatically added. 

                Having automated compliance reduces legal review and makes issuing contracts to customers much easier for sales teams. This can save time by: 

                • Automatically differentiating between MSA and standard Terms and Agreement for either new or existing clients 

                • Creating deal flexibility (such as a one-time free product) and automatically adding the contractual terms correlated to the product  

                • Simplifying longer term deals by dynamically updating the terms and agreements (e.g. changing the deal terms after a length of time) 

                • Discounting products to the overall price while seamlessly including any discount terms to the agreement 

                Quote with MSA and Meeting Link 

                This type of quote supports insertion of custom deal merge fields to auto generate the terms in the MSA so you're only having to receive one signature instead of sending multiple documents back and forth. 

                It also supports red lining (where users can copy/paste text from MSA docs and then dynamically update based on the picklists on the deal) - talk about a time saver!  

                With this, the meeting link is merged with the quote creating a seamless experience for your prospect to book a meeting with your sales rep directly after signing the quote. 

                Take Advantage of HubSpot's Custom Quoting

                At Vested Marketing, we offer setting up HubSpot's custom quoting for your company, so you can spend more time being in the driver seat!

                As HubSpot Diamond Partners, we provide content creation, graphic design, data management in the CRM, and automation between the CRM > quote.

                Our goal? Creating more time for you while developing more value for your prospects. Connect with us to learn more about what this could look like for your sales process! 

                Inbound Marketing Next Level | Vested

                About Vested Marketing

                As a certified HubSpot Partner Agency, we not only understand the benefits of using the inbound marketing platform to increase traffic and engagementimprove SEOgenerate leadsdesign effective websites and boost sales, we know how to make it happen.

                We are inbound marketing expertsSEO gurus and top-notch website developers.

                Our team of Engineers Turned Marketers can help get you noticed - for a more innovative and effective way to reach customers, or provide a more seamless way for companies to find your services. Inbound Marketing has no limit to industry, serving from Crypto NFTminingoil and gas, technology & automationengineeringtechnology, construction, water conservation, healthcare, IV therapy, to industrial & manufacturing.

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