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                7 min read

                Why It's Important to Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

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                Every business owner knows that having a website is essential since the internet has become popular. However, is it just as important to make sure people can easily access it on their phones? Definitely!

                If you don’t want your site’s effectiveness to take a serious hit, you need to ensure it’s running smoothly on every device. To explain our reasoning, here’s a guide on why it’s important to have a mobile-friendly website.

                1. Much Greater Outreach
                2. A Sign of a Professional Business
                3. A Better Customer Experience
                4. The Chance of Missing Out
                5. SEO Optimization Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website
                6. Keeping your Customer Base Engaged
                7. Improving your Site and its Effectiveness Further

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                Much Greater Outreach

                The first reason it’s important to have a mobile-friendly website is the outreach this provides you with. After all, most people nowadays choose to browse the internet on their phones. If they look up keywords relevant to your website, then it might be recommended to them, generating ‘organic traffic.’

                However, what happens when your website is incompatible with mobile devices in this scenario? Well, it will either work terribly or not at all, automatically causing you to miss out on a possible conversion. This can very easily lead to the illusion that your website isn’t working for you for other reasons. Thereby causing you to sink many resources into fixing something that isn’t even an issue, when all you really need to do is focus on improving your site’s compatibility with mobile devices! You will see a definite surge in organic site traffic once you do this.

                A Sign of a Professional Business

                Just as relevant for why it’s important to have a mobile-friendly website is your customer’s perception of your business. All your other efforts to unlock your growth potential can be stymied by a site that’s not properly mobile-friendly simply because people will visit it and see your business as unprofessional. After all, if a company does not care about making sure its customers can comfortably browse their site, can you really expect them to be reliable? What guarantees does a customer have that your products or services will be of higher quality than your site?

                This bad perception will hurt your brand and can have long-lasting consequences on your business, especially if your site stays up for a considerable amount of time with nothing being done about its device compatibility. That just gives off an impression of laziness and not caring about your customer’s opinions.

                A Better Customer Experience

                With how crucial customer experience is in every regard for a business looking to grow its customer base, you really can’t afford to ignore anything that ruins it. And you can absolutely bet that a poorly optimized website will do the trick!

                This is doubly relevant for any business with an online store, like our friends at Cajun Creole Market. While how web design affects conversion rates is well known, design has a big impact as well. That and your other efforts to improve the customer experience won’t matter much if your customer can only barely get the site to run on their mobile device! This way, you are not just hurting yourself by ruining the customers’ experience; you are also effectively devaluating all your other work and effort put into maintaining and improving your site. If you want to make smart investments, focus on ensuring everyone can smoothly use your site first - ask EGGRS Insurance Solutions!

                The Chance of Missing Out

                Speaking of missed opportunities and bad investment planning, we also need to bring up the damage a site that’s not mobile-friendly will do to your digital marketing. There are two “main” ways to do online marketing: social media marketing and the more “traditional” online marketing method that relies on ads. However, both of these marketing methods to reach out to people using their phones, especially social media marketing, since most people visit social media platforms on their phones. This means you are directly setting up people to visit your site on their mobile devices.

                At that point, it is obvious why it’s important to have a mobile-friendly website! They will link through to your site, be excited to check out your products or services, and then run into a lagging mess of a site that barely works on their phone. They’ll likely immediately leave the page.

                SEO Optimization Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website

                Yet another reason it’s essential to have a mobile-friendly website is SEO optimization. Now, many people do an excellent job of on-page optimization, considering how important and well-known SEO is. However, just as many tend to forget that SEO doesn’t end with content and keyword optimization—just as relevant is the optimization of your site.

                Google seems to have a particular dislike for slow and poorly designed sites that can’t run well on mobile devices—likely owing to the fact that a good chunk of their users relies primarily on mobile phones to interact with them. As such, Google’s attempts to ensure a positive browsing experience means that your site will not be among the first few search results recommended. This is obviously something you don’t want since it will hurt your organic website traffic even more.

                Keeping your Customer Base Engaged

                The final reason it’s important to have a mobile-friendly website comes down to the methods businesses have available to keep their customer base engaged and loyal. Most relevantly, many businesses do so by running a blog on their website. After all, it costs their customers nothing to keep checking it out, and it’s an excellent way to keep your business at the forefront of their minds.

                If they keep following your blog and other content, they’re a lot more likely to turn to your business when they do need the services or goods you offer. However, if your site is poorly optimized and can’t be used appropriately on the phone, issues with this strategy crop up. You will slowly lose the interest of your customers. And they might even start following similar blogs on your competitors’ sites.

                Improving your Site and its Effectiveness Further

                If there is one lesson our guide of why it’s important to have a mobile-friendly website tells you is simple: work on your site compatibility! As long as you do, the investments will more than match up to the results. And your business will be able to take one step closer to being truly successful!

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