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                8 min read

                A Guide to On-Page Optimization

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                On-Page SEO focuses on optimizing your website pages to increase the search ranking. It can bring in more organic customers and help your website get to the first page of the internet. If that is not enough, here is the best benefit - it is free! All it requires is understanding how to set it up and finding the time to do it.

                With that in mind, we want to offer a free guide to On-Page optimization. The idea is to give you a high overview of all the essential steps and ensure you don't miss anything important.

                1. What does On-Page optimization include?
                2. Do you know your customers?
                3. Do you know your goals?
                4. Guide to On-Page optimization - delivered!

                Free SEO Website Audit | Vested

                What does On-Page optimization include?

                The best way to understand what On-Page optimization does is to compare it with Off-Page optimization. Off-Page optimization focuses on elements that are not directly on your website, such as:

                • Backlink strategy
                • Social media SEO
                • Citations
                • Public directories
                • PR

                From that, we can conclude that the On-Page optimization deals with various elements of your website, such as:

                • Website code optimization
                • Website structure
                • URL optimization
                • Metadata
                • Titles and headers
                • Keywords
                • Images and content
                • Mobile responsiveness
                • Website accessibility

                Let's see how these elements might improve your website ranking and what approach to take.

                Do you know your customers?

                SEO is free, but it is also tricky. Many things can go wrong, so it is best to start correctly. You cannot optimize your website if you don't understand your customers. You need to define your targeted audience and understand what they want.

                To make sure you are on the right track, get to know your target audience. Research their interests and find out which keywords they use when searching for something related to your business.

                If you have a website already, analyze it with tools like HubSpot Marketing Analytics, Google Analytics, or SEMrush. This way, you will determine which pages people visit the most and learn more about their behavior online. 

                Do you know your goals?

                Another crucial step for successful SEO is understanding what you are trying to achieve. Setting smart goals is essential. You need to know what you are trying to achieve, how, and what the deadline is. If the goal is not clearly defined, you will not be able to measure its success.

                Now that we understand the prerequisites for SEO let's talk about On-Page optimization.

                Website code optimization

                Your website is built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. While other programs are available, these three are the most commonly used. Your code structure needs to follow specific coding standards to successfully rank on the first page of the internet.

                The best way to ensure there are no issues with the website's coding is to hire a programmer to inspect and optimize your code.

                Website structure

                Optimized website structure is the key to a simple yet powerful customer experience. It includes the number of pages, the elements you show on each page, and how everything is interconnected in the background.

                That is important for two reasons:

                1. Complex website structure confuses the customers and slows down the website loading speed;
                2. The improper use of elements will negatively affect SEO.

                Remember, users can find everything they want if the structure is well-made, which is the goal.

                URL optimization

                All of the URLs on your website need to be appropriately named.

                Poor URL

                URLs with numbers and gibberish words are not optimized for SEO. Here is an example of a bad URL:

                • https://website-name.com/blog/aisjdij98798jdf498u

                Good URL

                The URL makes no sense, and it does not contribute to SEO. An example of a well-written URL would look like this:

                • https://website-name.com/blog/SEO/how_to_optimize_urls

                In this example, we can look at the URL and know what it is for.


                Metadata includes meta descriptions and meta tags that provide additional details to Google and customers. For example, adding meta tags to a web page tells Google what the page is about. Meta descriptions are the small snippets that show under the title of the SERP when you do a search query. They explain to the user what the page is about.

                Optimize meta descriptions, so they are descriptive and engaging.

                Titles and headers

                Titles and headers also play a crucial role. From the customer experience perspective, each title and header must stand out with an important question or a solution. From the perspective of SEO, they need to include relevant keywords.

                Keyword optimization

                Keyword optimization is the most important part of SEO; many things depend on its efficiency. Keywords help people to find your website quickly. They describe the search intent of the potential clients. The best way to optimize keywords is to use a free SEO tool for keyword optimization.

                Images and content

                High-quality content is what Google values the most. It gives value to the customers. The key to successful content optimization is to align it with the customers' needs. Furthermore, it needs to have relevant keywords and an inviting page title.

                Images must be relevant to the page and of high quality. Additionally, every image must have an alt tag and caption. Both of those are essential SEO elements. The number of images is also essential. Too many images will distract users from the content and cause slow loading.

                Mobile responsiveness

                All websites need to be built on the "mobile-first" principle. Mobile optimization is necessary because Google will rank all mobile-first websites higher than desktop-only websites.

                The lack of mobile responsiveness also negatively affects user experience and increases the bounce rate.

                Website accessibility

                Every person requires the same quality of user experience when browsing the web. Unfortunately, some people have disabilities that prevent them from enjoying the benefits of the internet. For example, if you optimize links on your page to show in a different color of the same specter, colorblind people might not see the difference.

                Or, a blind person might be unable to click on a specific link using the mouse. However, if you optimize your website to be keyboard-controlled, they will be able to find what they are looking for. Also, if you add the Text to Speech option, they will be able to understand what is on the page.

                These are just some examples of web accessibility that Googly highly values.

                Guide to On-Page optimization - delivered!

                We hope that this guide to On-Page optimization helps you to understand all the essential elements of SEO. Cover all the topics and ensure fast loading speed and a pleasant user experience for your customers. Check out HubSpot's SEO Scanner for more detailed actions you can take to optimize your site. Best of luck!

                We're SEO Experts

                Our SEO services can help you get your ranking. We’ll work with you to create a custom strategy that will boost your rankings and increase traffic from organic search results.

                You’ll be able to reach new customers, grow your business, and achieve success online. 

                We want to learn about what makes your business unique and how our services can help take it to the next level of success! We look forward to working with you soon!

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