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                  7 min read

                  How To Build A Website Using The GDD Method

                  Featured Image

                  Did you know that your website is the centerpiece of all of your marketing activities, as well as your biggest marketing asset? It is the first place that people go when looking for more information on your services or products.

                  Let's dive in to why building a Growth-Driven Design website is important for your business.

                  1. What is Growth-Driven Design?
                  2. What are the three stages of Growth-Driven Design?
                  3. Difference between Growth-Driven Design and Traditional Web Design
                  4. How does Growth-Driven Design work?
                  5. What are the Benefits to Growth-Driven Design?

                  Growth Driven Design | Vested | HubSpot

                  What is Growth-Driven Design?

                  Growth-Driven Design (GDD) is a smarter approach to web design that reduces headaches and drives optimal results using data. Instead of a traditional website development approach, the GDD method produces a quick, agile website that prioritizes viewer feedback prior to completion. 

                  The Growth-Driven Design stemmed from issues marketing teams saw in the design process including, large up-front costs, long timelines taking dedicated resources, limited prototypes, and minimal user analytics. 

                  When a prospect connects with sales, they already know approx. 70% of their desired information from your website. So by prioritizing the need-to-know information up front, you're readily helping your prospects find answers faster while continually updating over time. 

                  Let's dive more into details about what the Growth-Driven Design approach entails.

                  What are the Three Stages of Growth-Driven Design?

                  There are three primary stages of growth-driven design: strategy, launch pad, and continuous improvement. 

                  1. Strategy 

                  Create a purpose for your website by identifying your goals, needs, target audience, and user experience amongst other aspects. Essentially, you want to start with the end in the mind and be objective-focused in your approach.

                  2. Launch Pad 

                  By following the Growth-Driven Design approach, you want to go live as quickly as possible with your new website and then continue to make updates post-launch. (Yes, all of the perfectionists just cringed). However, prioritizing the most important updates now will help kickstart your website to begin working for you while you continue to expand over time. 

                  3. Continuous Improvement 

                  And now the perfectionists can take a deep breath knowing the website will be continually optimized, improved and expanded upon. As engineers-turned-marketers, we're happy about it too. Over time, you can complete the remainder of your ideal website vision while also leveraging data analytics to dictate future changes. 

                  Growth Driven Design GIF - Vested


                  Difference between Growth Driven Design and Traditional Web Design

                  Below is a chart showing the difference between Growth-Driven Design and Traditional Web Design.

                  Screen Shot 2021-06-16 at 7.03.49 PM

                  How does Growth-Driven Design work?

                  Let's take a quick look at how Growth-Driven Design works. The Growth-Driven Design methodology pulls together many ideas, frameworks and process steps that top UX strategists, designers and marketers are using to build world class startups and software - and applies them to web design.

                  The Growth-Driven Design Cycle

                  The cycle of the GDD method follows the main three stages we covered earlier: strategy, launch pad, and continuous improvement. Each of these three areas have key takeaways:

                  1. Minimize risks associated with traditional web design
                  2. Continuously learn and improve
                  3. Inform marketing and sales (and vise versa) of new insights 

                  Growth Driven Design Cycle - Vested








                  What are the Benefits to Growth-Driven Design?

                  Growth-Driven Design is revolutionary and holds tremendous potential for you and your business. The GDD method helps you achieve your goals and create new, stronger strategies much quicker than traditional website design.

                  Below are two of the most valuable reasons why Growth-Driven Design is beneficial. 

                  Faster You Launch = Faster Your Website Works

                  By prioritizing efficiency over perfectionism, your website can begin getting to work faster instead of being in development. Whether it's a redesign or a full new build, business owners can begin capitalizing sooner rather than later. 

                  Now this doesn't mean putting together a non-strategic website that isn't SEO optimized or has a poor UX experience (hard pass). Instead, it means that your drafted dev pages aren't benefitting your business as long as they're in draft mode. 

                  Hitting the publish button on your GDD method-built pages allows your website URL to begin gaining traction on Google as you continue to develop the remainder of the website.  

                  Data-Driven Decisions

                  For the continuous improvement portion of your GDD method website build, you can start leveraging the insights based on the current pages developed.

                  • How are your prospects interacting with your website?
                  • What's their user-experience like?
                  • Are they converting?
                  • What can you implement in the expansion to improve performance? 

                  Using this method helps you form fundamental assumptions about your consumers, such as value propositions for your products/services as well as what information your users are looking for. In turn, this influences your future strategies and cycles on engaging and influencing users

                  Using HubSpot for GDD Website Development

                  The GDD method can be applied on any CMS platform. It's a development structure; not a platform. However, HubSpot is specifically built to implement website best practices, and they actively encourage their end-users to follow the Growth-Driven Design approach within their CMS Hub.

                  By seamlessly connecting each hub together, HubSpot's array of tools makes it easy for marketers, sales representatives, CS teams, and c-suite executives to function collaboratively.

                  Whether building new pages or fielding new leads through the sales pipeline, teams can complete their individual objectives cohesively in one place. Also did we mention that HubSpot's dashboards and custom reports help you quickly identify the analytics needed for future web page development? It's that simple. 

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