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                7 min read

                How To Use Data to Drive Revenue Growth

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                There's no doubt about it - data is essential to driving revenue growth for your business. But all too often, businesses don't take the time to analyze the data that's available to them through their CRM and sales automation tools.

                By skipping this step, companies are missing out on opportunities to get smarter with their go-to-market strategies and tactics. In this blog post, we'll discuss how you can use data to drive revenue growth for your business.

                1. What is CRM and Sales Automation?
                2. Identify your Target Audience
                3. Track Progress and Success

                Are you utilizing your CRM to the fullest? Click below to find out how you can leverage this valuable tool!

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                What is CRM and Sales Automation?


                Customer relationship management, or CRM, is more than just a technology tool - it's an investment in building and sustaining profitable relationships with current and potential customers. This software solution helps reduce manual processes through streamlined methods of contact management, sales optimization, and agent productivity boost, while allowing companies to stay connected across long customer lifecycles.

                You can create individualized experiences for people by focusing on their personal journey with your company throughout their entire interaction history, potentially leading them towards becoming lifelong brand loyalists!

                Sales Automation

                Sales automation tools are becoming increasingly essential for modern businesses. They allow teams to work smarter and faster by automating processes that can be repetitive for building profitable customer journeys. Everything from lead generation to follow-up emails can be taken care of automatically so that sales professionals have more time available for higher value projects like refining their workflow or managing a larger number of leads in the funnel.

                Sales automation doesn't just provide convenience. It's actually an incredibly powerful tool enabling companies to boost revenues while streamlining operations at greater levels than ever before.

                Both CRM and sales automation tools have one goal in mind - efficiency. They function to collect, organize, and push the data within your sales process, which saves time and increases productivity! Sales platforms, such as HubSpot, are a great place to start since their tools are built to work with any size company from start-up to enterprise levels.

                Identify Your Target Audience

                Once you have your CRM and/or Sales Automation tool actively collecting data, it's important to have a clear understanding of your target market. Who are your ideal customers? What needs do they have that your product or service can address? Once you have a handle on this, you can start to look at the data available to you through CRM and sales automation tools to see where there are opportunities.

                Build Your Buyer Persona

                For example, let's say you're looking at your macro pipeline data in your CRM. You might notice that a certain segment of your customer base is regularly converting. This is your opportunity to dive into the data and build out alpha account or territory profiles.

                Map Out the Customer Journey 

                In conjunction with this, you need to look at the journeys that these buyers took. Where did you first interact with them? Did they read any of your content? Are they following you on social? Did you meet them at a trade show? Or did your sales team cold-call them? Bring your marketing team together to collaborate on this exercise with an output of identifying territory or account-based outreach plans.

                This will help you to focus your attention on the right leads and prospects, rather than casting too wide of a net. This saves time, money, and will increase your sales.

                Track Progress and Success

                What’s the point of data if you don’t use it? It's important to use the data you’ve collected to track your progress and success over time. Analyzing and utilizing your CRM data can be a powerful tool to unlock the potential of your business. Most data is provided in easy to pull reports or can reviewed through the analytics  dashboard!

                It helps you get an in-depth look at who makes up your customer base, what factors are driving growth (and which are not), and how resources should best be allocated - giving you a better idea on key decisions that will help lead to success! This allows you to course correct as needed and continue to drive revenue growth for your business.

                New to CRM?

                Unlock your company's success by harnessing the power of your CRM or sales automation tools. With it you can understand who is buying, what they like and how frequently they return. Leverage insights like these using HubSpot's custom reports to make data-driven decisions to open up new opportunities for growth!

                Try out HubSpot's CRM for FREE! Click on the link below to get started.

                HubSpot Free CRM

                Original Blog: https://www.vawlted.com/how-to-use-data-to-drive-revenue-growth-turn-crm-and-sales-automation-tools-into-smarter-go-to-market-strategies 

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