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                6 min read

                Case Study: Freshdesk to HubSpot Migration

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                When one company encountered challenges scaling their customer service operations, they knew that updating their existing software was the right move for their business. After evaluating their options, the company decided to migrate from Freshdesk to HubSpot's Service Hub.

                With the help of Vested’s expert team, they successfully made the switch and achieved improved efficiency, enhanced analytics, and a unified customer experience.

                1. Why Migrate from Freshdesk to Hubspot
                2. Vested's Approach to a Successful Migration
                3. Improved Support Operations & Efficiency

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                Why Migrate from Freshdesk to HubSpot?

                The customer support team at the company had been using Freshdesk as their primary help desk software for several years. During this time, Freshdesk fulfilled their fundamental requirements, enabling them to handle customer inquiries and resolve issues effectively. However, as the team evaluated their support operations, they became aware of certain limitations within the Freshdesk platform. These limitations were hindering their overall capacity to deliver seamless customer experiences and impeding their efforts to streamline and optimize their support processes.

                There were several reasons this team considered a migration from Freshdesk to HubSpot:

                1. Integration Possibilities

                Since the sales team and marketing team were already utilizing the HubSpot, they saw potential benefits in aligning their customer support efforts with them for full optimization of their account. 

                2. Advanced Reporting and Analytics

                Freshdesk's reporting capabilities fell short of the team's requirements. They needed more sophisticated analytics and insights to measure support performance, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions.

                3. Enhanced Personalization

                The company aimed to deliver highly personalized customer experiences. With HubSpot's robust contact management and CRM capabilities, they anticipated the ability to gather deeper customer insights and tailor support interactions accordingly.

                4. Clocking Time

                They wanted a way to track the time that their customer service representatives were spending on tickets and be capable of reporting on the data. 

                Vested's Approach to a Successful Migration

                Once the decision to transition from Freshdesk to HubSpot had been made, our team diligently devised a meticulous and comprehensive plan. The objective of this plan was to ensure the seamless and precise migration of all pertinent data from Freshdesk to HubSpot. The steps we took to ensure a successful transition included:

                1. Needs Assessment

                Vested conducted a thorough evaluation of the company's customer support workflows, pain points, and desired outcomes. We collaborated closely with the support team to identify specific requirements and objectives for the migration.

                2. Data Migration Plan

                Our team devised a comprehensive data migration plan, ensuring a smooth transition from Freshdesk to HubSpot. We assessed the volume of data to be migrated, established data mapping strategies, and defined a timeline for the process.

                3. Customization and Configuration

                We worked closely with the company's team to configure HubSpot according to their specific support requirements. This included setting up ticketing workflows, automating support processes, and integrating HubSpot with their existing tools and any new tools such as the time tracking tool.

                4. Training and Onboarding

                Extensive training sessions we provided to ensure a seamless transition for the support team. We educated them on the features and functionality of HubSpot through our onboarding processes, empowering them to maximize the benefits of the new platform.

                Improved Support Operations & Efficiency

                The migration from Freshdesk to HubSpot yielded significant benefits for the company's customer support operations. The key results achieved were:

                1. Improved Efficiency

                HubSpot's integrated approach and automation capabilities streamlined support workflows, reducing response times and increasing the efficiency of the support team. This led to improved customer satisfaction and faster issue resolution.

                2. Enhanced Reporting and Analytics

                With HubSpot's advanced reporting tools, the company gained comprehensive insights into support metrics, agent performance, and customer trends. These analytics enabled data-driven decision-making, helping the team identify areas for improvement and optimize their support strategies.

                3. Unified Customer Experience

                By integrating HubSpot with their marketing and CRM systems, the company achieved a unified customer experience across all touchpoints. They could leverage customer data effectively, personalize support interactions, and create a seamless journey from initial contact to post-sales support.

                4. Scalability and Growth Potential

                HubSpot's scalability allowed the company's support operations to adapt and grow with the increasing demands of their customer base. The platform's flexible architecture and extensive integration possibilities provided a foundation for future expansion and enhanced customer service capabilities.

                The decision to migrate from Freshdesk to HubSpot was a pivotal and strategic choice made by the company's customer service team. Under the guidance and expertise of Vested, the transition process unfolded smoothly, yielding remarkable outcomes that surpassed expectations.

                By analyzing and addressing the team's pain points and operational inefficiencies, Vested implemented a tailored approach that revolutionized the way support operations were conducted. The migration to HubSpot brought forth a multitude of benefits, empowering the team to optimize their workflows, enhance productivity, and streamline customer interactions. Through the utilization of HubSpot's tools, the team gained insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends, enabling them to tailor their support services with unparalleled precision.

                The strategic migration from Freshdesk to HubSpot, driven by Vested's expertise, proved to be a transformative journey for the customer support team, putting them into a new realm of efficiency, effectiveness, and customer-centricity!

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                Join forces with us to unlock your complete potential and make the change you’ve been putting off!

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